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Articles – Class 7 – Set A

  1. Fill in the gaps with a, an or the and put a cross (x) where no article is needed. .05×08=4
  2. i) Arif : What do you think, Sumon? Is (a) _______ student team going to win?

Sumon            : I think our student team is going to win but (b) ______ non-student team will give (c) _______ fight.

Arif                 : Certainly, it will be (d) ______ exciting game.

Sumon            : Look, look, they have started. Hasan is our centre forward. See how fast he runs with (e) ________ ball. He should shoot at (f) _________ goal.

Arif                 : No, he is passing it to Roni.

Sumon            : Oh, no Roni is not good. He missed (g) _______ good chance.

Arif                 : How nicely Hasan cleared (h) ______ ball!

Sumon:           : Hurrah! We have won.

  1. ii) Shoheed : Excuse me. I am looking for (a) ______ hotel.

Passer-by       : Which hotel do you want to go? Hotel Chondona? It is very near.

Shoheed         : Can you tell me (b) ________ way?

Passer-by       : Go straight and turn (c) _________ right when you will find (d) _________ statue on (e) _________ road and go for 500 yards and you will get Hotel Chondona on (f) _______ left side of (g) _________ lane.

Shosheed       :  How can I go there?

Passer-by       : You may go on foot or can hire a rickshaw.

Shoheed         : It will be better to hire (h) ________ rickshaw. Thank you, for your help.

iii)       Shefa               : Why could you not read?

Sayma            : Due to load-shedding. There was no electricity supply for (a) _______ last two days. Moreover, it was very hot last night.

Shefa               : Everyday load-shedding occurs at least twice or thrice (b) __________ day in our locality too.

Sayma            : Load-shedding is causing (c) _______ great harm to (d) __________ examines all over (e) _________ country.

Shefa               : But our government is very (f) _________ indifferent to this. They only deliver lectures but do nothing.

Sayma            : Everybody knows about (g) ________ importance of time before examination. A suitable situation is needed for (h) ________ candidate. Load-shedding brings great suffering for the examinees.

  1. iv) Hassan : I want to spend sometime here in (a) _______ garden before our class starts.

Nipa               : Fine. I have understood that you like (b) _________ flowers very much.

Hasan             : You are right.

Nipa               : Is (c) _______ gardening your hobby?

Hasan             : Yes, it is my hobby. I have two gardens. I like flower garden very much. I have (d) _________ garden beside my room. I have many tubs on (e) _________ roof of our house. I take care of them. There is also (f) ________ unique flower plant. It is (g) ________ white rose. I like (h) _______ rose very much.

  1. v) Student : I am badly in need of (a) ________ character certificate from you, sir.

Teacher          : But why is it needed?

Student:         I want to enrol myself as (b) _________ cadet in (c) __________ Bangladesh Navy.

Teacher          : It’s (d) _______ very good idea. I will give you the certificate with (e) ________ pleasure. Take (f) _________ opportunity. I will be all (g) ________ more happily to see you well placed.

Student          : Thank you, sir. Pray for me, sir. I always miss (h) ______ lovely days of your school.

Teacher          : May Allah bless you.


  1. vi) A : Good morning, Bashir. Where did you go in (a) ________ morning?

B                      : Good morning, I went to see (b) _______ one of my cousins who fell (c) _______ victim to acid throwing.

A                     : Acid throwing is one of (d) ________ heinous crimes.

B                      : Why do people throw acid?

A                     : Frustration in love, personal enmity, mental imbalance and easy availability of acid are (e) _______ causes of acid throwing.

B                      : Do you know the effects of acid throwing?

A                     : Yes. (f) _______ victims become blind, (g) __________ face becomes very ugly. In some cases, they die. Some become crippled.

B                      : How can it be checked?

A                     : (h) ________ sale of acid must be restricted. Exemplary punishment should be given to criminals.

B                      : Thank you very much.

A                     : You are welcome.

vii)      A                     : Good morning, Bashir. What are you doing in (a) ________ garden so early?

B                      : Good morning, Abir. I’m working in my garden.

A                     : Why do you spend your valuable time for (b) _________ unproductive work?

B                      : I don’t think it so. Gardening is (c) _______ my hobby and I get (d) ______ great pleasure working in my garden. Don’t you have any hobby?

A                     : Yes, I have. It’s stamp collecting. It’s (e) ________ hobby of kings. It doesn’t make (f) ________ man dirty as you.

B                      : May be. I also feel (g) ______ happy when I put (h) ________ foreign stamp in my album.

A                     : It is getting late. I’m going now, goodbye.

B                      : Thank you. Goodbye.

viii)     A                     : Hello, how are you?

B                      : I’m fine and you?

A                     : I’m also fine. It’s (a) ______ many days since we met together.

B                      : Yes, it is.

A                     : What are you doing now? Have you got any job?

B                      : I didn’t try for it. I’ve started (b) _______ poultry farm.

A                     : That’s nice. But how did you manage fund to start it?

B                      : I took (c) ______ loan from (d) _________ Grameen Bank and started it. What are doing?

A                     : I have been looking for (e) _________ job for (f) _______ long time but in vain.

B                      : It’s unwise to waste time in looking for a job.

A                     : Then Tell me, what should I do?

B                      : I would rather ask you to start (g) ________ business or make (h) ________ small farm.

A                     : But I have neither money nor experience.

B                      : Don’t worry. I will help you in all respects.

A                     : Thank you. I’ll come again. Goodbye.

B                      : You are always welcome, Bye.

  1. ix) A : Excuse me. Could you please tell me how to go to Shahjalal International

Airport from here?

B                      : You can go by bus or (a) _______ taxi.

A                     : I prefer (b) _________ bus. How much money do I need to go there?

B                      : At best 20 taka.

A                     : What’s (c) ________ speed of (d) _______ bus?

B                      : Every half (e) ________ hour. I’m waiting for (f) ________ same bus.

A                     : It’s 10:30 now. Will the bus come in ten minutes?

B                      : The schedule time of (g) _______ next bus is 10:40. So, we can expect.

A                     : That will be (h) _______ great relief! I have been waiting here for twenty minutes.

B                      : The bus will come now but its difficult to get in.

A                     : Oh! Here comes a bus. Is this right one?

B                      : Yes, it is. Come. Let us get in quickly.

  1. x) A : How have you done in today’s subject, Biplab?

B                      : Not so well. But what about you?

A                     : I’ve done well. I could not make (a) _______ good preparation due to my illness.

B                      : (b) ________ question no. 2 and 4 were not common to me. It seemed very hard.

A                     : I don’t think so. All (c) ________ questions were very easy.

B                      : You are (d) _______ bright student and so your case is different.

A                     : Still (e) ________ paper as (f) _______ whole is not so hard to carry 50% marks.

B                      : I’m speaking of (g) ______ average students.

A                     : I did not see any student depressed.

B                      : You are very optimistic.

A                     : Let’s hope for (h) _______ best.

  1. xi) A : Hello, what are you doing?

B                      : O, hi! I am reading (a) ______ article on tress. Do you know how important (b) ______ tress are for us?

A                     : Yes, tress are not only (c) ______ source of food, vitamins and furniture but also help to maintain (d) ________ ecological balance of (e) ________ environment.

B                      : Realizing (f) _______ importance of trees we should plant more and more trees.

A                     : June and July are (g) __________ best time for planting tress.

B                      : But there are many people who are ignorant cut trees at random.

A                     : We should expand tree plantation programme throughout our country.

B                      : Yes, every possible attempt should be made to make the programme (h) ________ grand success.

xii)      A                     : How are you?

B                      : Fine. Thanks and you?

A                     : Me too. Where did you go (a) ______ yesterday?

B                      : I went to visit (b) _______ National Memorial.

A                     : It’s so! I visited it about (c) ________ month ago.

B                      : It’s (d) _________ fantastic complex. I got astonished to see (e) ______ tall structure of it.

A                     : You’re right.

B                      : It stands 150 feet tall. But it is more than (f) ______ structure.

A                     : It has seven towers which symbolise (g) _______ achievement which is immeasurable.

B                      : Its our glory and we must respect (h) _______ martyrs in our heart.

A                     : Exactly. Thank you.

Answers are coming soon.

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