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Capitalization and Punctuation – Class 6 – SET A

7. Use appropriate punctuation makes and capital letters where necessary. .5 × 8 = 4

  1. ‘excuse me are you rashed said saif no i am not he is over there said david oh i am sorry said saif are you a new student here said david yes I am said saif
  2. my sons said he a great treasure lies hidden in the estate i am about to leave you where is it hidden said the sons i am about to tell you said the old man but you must dig for it.
  3. there are six seasons in the year winter season is a remarkable season of the year a winter morning is cool but i get up from bed early in the morning if i get up early in the winter morning i have to face some problems
  4. the traveller said to the peasant can you tell me the way to the nearest inn the peasant said yes i can do you want one in which you can spend the night i do not wish to say there but i only want a meal
  5. where do you like to go sir i want to go to bangkok said the passenger how many tickets do you need three here it is said the ticket master profuse thanks to you.
  6. rahim said to hamid how are you i went to your hostel yesterday but did not find you where did you go i went to the station said hamid i had to receive my maternal uncle there
  7. lend me your pen please asad asked i took my pen out of my pocket i’ll give it back to you in a moment he promised don’t worry you can keep it as long as you want i said
  8. Thomas alva Edison a great scientist was born in 1847 in ohio america as a little boy he was very inquisitive he always wanted to know how things were done very early in life he showed that he was full of curiosity a quality that is so important to inventors
  9. nelson mandella is the greatest leader of south africa the blacks were aliens in their own country and they were treated brutally by the govt. of racial segregation the great leader struggled against this and he vowed to put an end to the inhumane treatment to the blacks he was thrown behind the prison bar but the oppressive rulers could not dishearten his spirit he eventually realized the goal of liberating his people
  10. once my mother said to me who came to you my friend rafik mom she asked what did he want i said his mother is ill he needs some money i have given him five hundred taka my mother said nice
  11. whats the matter asked rinas aunt i replied i am afraid i can hear a sound can you hear yes i can she replied is it a ghost i asked or its only an own her aunt replied
  12. leisure is a relief from routine work the students the workers the employees and all people have it when they are off from their regular duties

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