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Changing Sentences – Class 6 – SET A

5. Read the following text and change the sentences as directed. 1 × 5 = 5

1. (a) Bangladesh is beautiful. (Interrogative) (b) Rabindranath titled this country ‘Sonar Bangla’.(Passive) It is one of the greenest countries in the world. (c) This country was ruled by the British and Pakistani people before independence. (Active) The country has so many beautiful aspects. The Sundarbans, the mangrove forest is really wonderful. (d) Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest in the word. (Positive) (e) How proud we are of our country! (Statement)

2. (a) Mobile phone is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. (Positive) (b) It has now gained an unavoidable position in our daily affairs. (Interrogative) There is hardly any person who doesn’t use mobile phone (c) We use mobile phones to make essential communications. (Passive) (d) It saves both time and energy. (Negative) (e) This small device can do a great job. (Exclamatory)

3. Bristy is a student of class ten. (a) Her father is a poor farmer. (Negative) (b) He works day and night to earn livelihood. (Interrogative) But he fails to manage even the bare necessaries of life. (c) He cannot bear the educational expenses of Bristy. (Passive) But Bristy is determined to continue her study. (d) She is very attentive to her study. (Exclamatory) (e) Very few students of her class are as brilliant as she. (Superlative)

4. (a) Wasique is a student of class ten. (a) He is always punctual. (Negative) (b) He works harder than any other student in the class. (Positive) (c) His teachers love him very much. (Interrogative) He is always happy. (d) He is very attentive to his study. (Exclamatory) (e) Very few students of his class are so brilliant as he. (Superlative)

5. (a) Man is the best of all creatures. (Positive) Man is superior to any other creature in the universe. (b) He is superior to all because of his intellect. (Interrogative) (c) The creator has blessed him with conscience to differentiate the right path from the wrong one. (Passive) (d) Though he has intellect and conscience, he sometimes can do wrong (Negative). (e) Men are being persecuted by men every moment and every where in the world. (Active)

6. Industry is the key to success. (a) None can prosper in life without industry. (Affirmative) (b) Those who are idle, always lag behind (Negative) (c) We have to work hard to earn money and acquire knowledge. (Interrogative) The active person does not depend on others (d) People say that hardworking persons can see the light of prosperity in life. (Passive) (e) So, in the society, women should work as much as men. (Comparative)

7. Success will not come to one’s life automatically. (a) Do you know it? (Passive) (b) An industrious boy goes a long way in life. (Negative) (c) A life with an assignment is an actual life. (Negative) (d) Industry is the most important thing in one’s life. (Comparative) (e) One cannot be successful without it. (Interrogative)

8. (a) Tea is a very popular drink. (Exclamatory) (b) Everybody likes tea. (Interrogative) (c) People usually like hot tea. (Negative) (d) Tea is not harmful to our health. (Affirmative) (e) We must grow more tea. (Passive)

9. (a) Corruption is greater than any other crime in Bangladesh. (Positive) (b) It hinders our progress. (Negative) (c) It is not easy to check. (Affirmative) (d) Everybody hates a corrupt person. (Interrogative) (e) A corrupt person is very harmful to the country. (Exclamatory)

10. (a) English is an important language. (Exclamatory) (b) It is more used than any other language (Positive) (c) Everybody learns it. (Interrogative) (d) We should learn it. (Passive) (e) It is a necessary language. (Negative)

11. (a) Health is more important than any other asset. (Positive) (b) Nobody can be happy without good health. (Interrogative) (c) Only good health can make a man happy. (Negative) (d) Life cannot be enjoyed by an unhealthy man. (Active) (e) A healthy man leads a very happy life. (Exclamatory)

12. (a) Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea-beach in the world. (Comparative) (b) Its natural beauty is very charming. (Exclamatory) (c) Everybody likes it very much. (Passive) (d) How nice it looks at sun-set! (Assertive) (e) In winter, it is always full of tourists. (Negative)

Answers are coming soon.

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