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A journey by train – Composition

Journey is always fascinating. It charms our mind and make us happy. We are passing a very hectic life. We get bored after doing a lot of works in our daily life. Journey relives us from the monotonous of everyday life. After a journey, we feel relaxed and fresh. Peace fills our heart after we have made a really wonderful journey.

I made a journey by train with my friends last year. I received a letter from my uncle at Chittagong morning I reached Kamalapur Railyway Station where I found my other friends. The train came and we go into the train and our seats beside the window. The guard blew its whistle and waved his green flag. The engine slowly began to move and we glided out of the station.

Everything that we were passing was pretty and so we amused ourselves by looking through. the windows. As the train winded away eastwards, we could see a number of hills and mountains. We were very bright and pleasant to us. From the train, we could see the clear green waters and women and small boys and girls swimming happily and taking bath in the ponds and rivers.

At last at 4 pm we reached Chittagong. The journey seemed to me like a dream. We found my uncle waiting for us at the station. He welcomed us and took to his residence. Thus our wonderful journey ended very magnificently.

A journey by boat – Composition

During the last rainy season we wanted to have one day’s outing by boat. Some of the young people and children of our area constituted the party. All of us made substantial contributions to make a fund for the pleasure trip. We decided to go up to Bhairab Bazaar from our village to see King George the Sixth Bridge on the railway over the Meghna.

We hired a large country boat with two boatmen. We started from our village ghat at 6.00 in the morning and the boatmen pushed off through a canal. We were soon sailing down the ‘beels’ with the wind on our sails. All the people sat on the open parts of the deck to enjoy the beautiful sights and scenes all around. The boatmen started singing ‘ Bhawaiya Song’.

At about eleven we entered the Meghna. We reached the foot of the bridge and stopped our journey there. The bridge looked grand. We admired the engineering skill of those who had planned, designed and constructed the bridge. We saw steamers and launches plying up and down. We had our lunch at 1.30 pm.

After lunch we took rest for an hour and started our return journey at about 2.30 pm. In the afternoon the wind began to blow in our favour and our boat sailed smoothly. In the evening when the sun was sinking down the horizon, the water ripping through the aquatic plants unfolded a new aspect of our rural beauty. The return journey was more delightful and we reached home at around 7.00 pm in the evening.