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Primary Education Completion (PEC) Examination , Bangladesh and Global Studies, Dhaka, 2017

Primary Education Completion Examination, 2017
Time—2 hours and 30 minutes
Set Code: 302
Full marks—100
[N.B.—The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

1. Write the correct answer in your answer sheet : – Marks = 1 × 50 = 50

(1) What would happen if not the Mujibnagar govt. was formed?

a) war would happen longer b) war wouldn’t conduct properly c) help wouldn’t get from India d) It wouldn’t be possible to train of freedom fighters

(2) There are seven circles in the logo of SAARC. What does it mean?

a) country b) sea c) continent d) ocean

(3) Why did digging activities is conduct in Paharpur?

a) for financial development b) for looking antiquities c) for removing water logging d) for increasing natural beauty

(4) What is happened in the people of this country as a result of ‘ divide and rule’ policy of British?

a) Racial discrimination b) Social  discrimination c) Cultural Discrimination d) Financial discrimination

(5) What was the main result ‘Sepahi Mutiny’ in 1857?

a) Social change b) Cultural change c) Financial discrimination d) Racial discrimination

(6) What is main cause of ‘Bengal Separation’ in 1905?

a) Administrative convenience b) Communicative convenience c) Geographical convenience d) Destroying national feelings

(7) What is the main cause of destroying natural balance?

a) cutting tree b) fill up mark land c) hunting birds d) inattentiveness of school

(8) What is the main cause of drop out of children from school?

a) lack of awareness b) lack of better environment c) lank of teaching aids d) inattentiveness of school

(9) Which is the main problems of Bangladesh?

a) food b) housing c) treatment d) population

(10) When is shown acute crisis of pure drinking Bangladesh?

a) at the time of drought b) at the time of river breaking c) at the time of earthquake d) at the time of long lasting flood

(11) Which is the main way to increase the historical knowledge of Bangladesh of students at school level?

a) Drawing exhibition b) Magazine c) Discussing meeting d) Book reading program

(12) Why did Nawab Siraj-ud-Doula defeat in the battle of Palashy?

(a) For unskilled soldiers (b) Lack of sufficient weapons (c) Lack of proper battle technique (d) For betraying of Mirjafor

(13) Which district is the must droughts prone?

a) Rangpur b) Sylhet c) Barisal d) Tangail

(14) Tea grows plenty in Sylhet because land is –

a) low b) hilly c) plain d) hilly slope

(15) What is the main aim of making universal human right declaration of U.N.O?

a) welfare of all b) welfare of state c) welfare of person d) welfare of society

(16) Through which things exporting Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign currency?

a) paper b) cement c) machinery d) labour force

(17) For which convenience foreigners are interested to establish industry in Bangladesh?

a) Capital b) Human resource c) Natural resource d) Essential raw materials

(18) From which right child labourer normally deprived?

a) education b) treatment c) financial d) political

(19) Which is the main contribution of Begum Rokeya for women?

a) expanding education b) expanding women unity c) expanding culture d) expanding  liberty

(20) Which of the following can make the autistic children very sensitive?

a) Mental depression b) Physical illness c) Not getting love d) Changes in routing activities

(21) Which of the main responsibility of the citizens for holding a fair election?

a) to be a candidate in the election b) to accept the result gladly c) to campaign for the supported candidate d) to obey the rules and regulations of the election

(22) Which of the followings is the main duty of the students?

a) to gain education b) to show respect to the older people c) to do favour to other people d) to protect the national resources

(23) What is the main aim of planting more trees?

a) to protect forest b) to forest decay of land c) to beautification of environment d) to protect the balance of environemnt

24) What is the main aim to establish UNO?

a) to establish world peace b) to develop world trade c) to develop education and culture d) to face climate change

(25) You would see that your neighbour going away by catching a bird at the time of your way to school. What will you suggest him?

a) tell him to eat the bird by cook b) tell the importance of bird c) tell him to keep it in case d) tell him to sell in the market

(26) Your friends eager to invent new machinery. What types of training encourage him to take?

a) Agriculture b) Fisheries c) Technical d) Vocational

(27) You would see a helper in a car in the road as like as you at the time of going out sight. What of education will you do then?

a) will take him at home b) will avoid him c) will tell importance of education d) will tell give up work

(28) What will you do in your school for creating awareness against children trafficking?

a) Dance party (b) Role play (c) Essay competition d) Drawing competition

(29. You saw some ancient coin in your grandmother . What will you do in this class?

a) will tell her to hide it b) will tell her to keep it in bank c) will tell to handover it to police station d) will tell her to give it to me

(30) What will you suggest to export for financial development of Bangladesh?

a) human resource b) forest resource c) mineral resource d) fish resource

(31) What should we do to turn overpopulation into human resource?

a) Ensure shelter b) solving foot problem c) ensure health service d) managing education and training

(32) Some low literate youth of your locality are not getting job. What will you suggest them to turn into human resource?

a) will tell them to take higher education b) will tell them to take technical training c) will tell them depends on luck d) will tell them farming with their father

(33) What will you do during long time flood to face pure drinking water crisis in at your locality?

a) will tell to drink water by filtering b) will tell to storage water c) will teach water purifying method d) will go to nearby cyclone shelter

(34) What will you do during long time flood to face pure drinking water crisis at your locality?

a) will stay at home b) will go to relative house c) will take shelter on dam d) will go to nearby cyclone shelter

(35) What will you suggest in the preparation earthquake meeting during earthquake?

a) will tell come out from house by running b) will tell them to inform five brigades c) will tell them to take shelter under strong furniture d) will tell them to arrange

(36) What will you do to collect right information regarding Sonargaon?

a) will listen to Sonargaon’s story b) will see the picture of Sonagaon’s c) will read the book regarding Sonargaon’s d) will visit the Folk museum

37) Once of your Garo classmates spoke in his/her own language (Achik), which created fun to your other classmates. What will you do?

a) will show sympathy to him b) will suggest him to speak Bengali always c) will tell him to complain to the complain to the class teacher d) will make everybody understand that it is not unfair to speak in own language

(38) Your classmates often laugh at your autistic classmate. What will you do?

a) will protest against it b) will inform the matter to the class teacher c) will invite him to sit beside me everyday d) will make everybody understand that it is not unfair to speak in our own language

(39) If your age were twenty at the time of freedom fight how you will directly participate in the war?

a) by giving shelter to the freedom fighters b) by giving food to the freedom fighters c) by giving arms to the freedom fighters d) participating war by taking training

(40) The North-west part to our country is often damaged by drought. What will you suggest to protect from drought prone?

a) to dig river b) to dig pond c) to build dam d) to plant trees

(41) Under which below the age child labour is illegal?

a) 15 years b) 16 years c) 17 years d) 18 years

(42) What is our main cash crop?

a) jute b) tea c) tobacco d) cotton

(43) When was the battle of Palashi fought?

a) 1857 b) 1947 c) 1914 d) 1757

(44) When the Martyred Intellectuals Day observe?

a) 13 December b) 14 December c) 15 December d) 16 December

(45) Which resource does Bangladesh think it needs more of for economic development?

a) Machinery b) Infrastructural development c) Cloths d) Capital

(46) What does the right to move freely include?

a) Security b) Migration c) Exports d) Imports

(47) What are autistic children often good at?

a) Mathematics b) Swimming c) Cooking d) Running

(48) What is the language of Khasi

a) Achik b) Mon Kheme c) Kokborok d) Sadri

(49) Which group originally came from Tibet?

a) Garo b) Mro c) Oraon d) Khasi

(50) When did SAARC form?

a) 1983 b) 1984 c) 1985 d) 1986

2. Answer in short of the following questions and write it in your answer sheet : – 1 × 15 = 15

a) What will happen if you only cut down trees instead of planting?

b) How is our nation being benefited by exporting manpower?

c) Why is tolerance needed?

d) Why did the intellectuals kill?

e) What is the main cause of breaking the bank of rivers?

f) Why is agricultural land decreasing in Bangladesh?

g) Why did the British come in Bangladesh?

h) Who is the most junior member of SAARC?

i) What is happen to disobey law?

j) Write one bad effects of landlord system.

k) Who was the last independent Nawab of Bengal?

l) Write one cause of violence against women?

m) Write and example of ethnic clothing of women.

n) Write one rule about crossing the street safely.

o) What is the full name of SAARC?

3. Answer seven of the following question including any six from (a) to (h) and one from (i) to (j) :- 5 × 7 = 35

(a) What is democracy? Why democracy is needed? Write three ways of practicing democracy in your school. 1+1+3=5

(b) Who are the citizens? Why do the citizens perform their duties and responsibilities towards the state? Write three qualities of a good citizen? 1+1+3=5

(c) What is human rights? Why is it necessary to protect human rights? Write three ways of protecting human rights? 1+1+3=5

(d) What is freedom fight? Why did freedom fight take place? Write three importance of freedom fight? 1+1+3=5

(e) What is food? Why does flood occur? Write three bad effects of flood. 1+1+3=5

(f) Which bank of river Sonargaon is situated. Why did Sonargaon make the capital of ancient Bengal? Write our three duties for protecting the Tradition of Sonargaon. 1+1+3=5

(g) What is Climate? Why does climate change? Write three results of climate change. 1+1+3=5

(h) What is basic need? Why is it important to fulfil basic needs? Write three impacts of overpopulation on basic needs. 1+1+3=5

(i) Write five duties we have to society. 5

(j) What is U.N? Write four development organizations of United Nations. 1+4=5