Primary Education Completion (PEC) Examination , English, Dhaka, 2017

Primary Education Completion Examination, 2017
Time—2 hours and 30 minutes
Full marks—100
[N.B.—The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

Read the text and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4: —

It’s a beautiful spring day. Maria gets up early. She feels happy. She knows that it’s a nice day because she puts her hand on the glass of the window. It is very warm. She opens the window and singing of the birds fills the room. She can smell sweet and fresh. After Maria gets dressed and has her breakfast, she puts her books in her bag. She is ready for school.

Maria is a lot like any other students in her neighbourhood. She goes to school and likes to be with her friends. But Maria cannot see the beautiful spring day. She cannot see the flowers, the blue sky, or the singing birds. She cannot see the new green leaves on the trees. She cannot see these because she is visually impaired. She has been unable to see since, she was born.

But Maria is happy. She goes to school every day, she can learn the information because she reads Braille. Braille is a script that uses raised dots. Each letter is made from dots. People move their fingers across the raised dots to read. Maria learned to read Braille as a young child. Her books at school are in Braille. She enjoys reading poems and history. Maria’s teacher says she is a good learner.

1. Write only the answer on the answer paper: — 1×10=10

(i) When does Maria get up?
(a) early in the morning (b) in the late morning (c) in the early evening (d) in the late evening

(ii) Maria goes to school with her ……………..
(a) brother (b) friends (c) mother (d) sister

(iii) The flowers have ……………….
(a) only songs (b) different ways (c) only games (d) songs and games

(iv) What type of learner Maria is?
(a) medium learner (b) good learner (c) slow learner (d) passive learner

(v) What does Maria like to read?
(a) history and rhymes (b) poem and rhymes (c) history and rhymes (d) story and history

(vi) The sweet smell comes from ………………
(a) the flower garden (b) the kitchen (c) the vase (d) the veranda

(vii) When do you take your breakfast?
(a) in the afternoon (b) in the morning (c) at noon (d) at night

(viii) In the text, the day is ………………………..
(a) cold (b) hot (c) windy (d) sunny

(ix) What type of material does Maria use at school to learn?
(a) Braille (b) picture (c) audio (d) printed book

(x) In the spring what do we see in the street?
(a) green new leaves (b) green old leaves (c) dry new leaves (d) dry old leaves

6. Fill in the blanks with the right word from the box. Find the information in the story. There are extra words which you need not use: — 1×5=5

black see door dots happy something green singing

(a) The birds are………… outside the room.
(b) Maria cannot ………………. Anything.
(c) Every letter of Braille is made from …………………
(d) Maria is ………………… in her life.
(e) Usually the colour of new leaves is ………………

3. Answer the following questions: — 2×5=10

(a) Who is visually impaired?
(b) What does Maria use to read poems and history?
(c) What does Maria get opening the window? What does she hear in the morning?
(d) Write in three sentences how a visually impaired student
(e) What does Maria’s teacher say about her?

4. Write at least five sentences about Maria’s daily life. The following questions will help you to write the sentences. (Remember to use capital letters, spelling, punctuation mark and sentence structure.) 10

(a) When does she get up?
(b) What is her physical condition?
(c) What is the way of her reading books?
(d) How does she walks?
(e) Name the material(s) she used to read?
(f) Is there any problem with her?

Read the story and answer the following questions 5, 6, 7, and 8:—

Ms. Monira Akhtar is a shop assistant. She works in shifts in a department store in Khulna. She doesn’t have to go at the same time every day. On some days she works in the first shift from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. On other days, she works in the second shift from 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Monira always goes to work by bus in the morning. The bus stop just in front of the shop. In the afternoon, she generally goes there by rickshaw or baby taxi. She does not like to wait at the bus stop in the mid-day heat of the sun. The bus is over-crowed at that time. She always comes back home by bus. She works standing all the time and serves the customers. She often gets tired after works. But she doesn’t mind. She meets new people everyday. She finds her job interesting.

5. Write only the answer on the answer paper. Only one answer is correct: — 1×10=10

(i) How is the morning?
(a) foggy (b) rainy (c) bright (d) cloudy

(ii) Who is very happy?
(a) Khoshi herself (b) Khoshi’s father (c) Khoshi’s mother (d) Khoshi’s grandfather

(iii) Where will Khoshi go?
(a) to her brother’s house (b) to her friend’s house
(c)to her uncle’s house (d) to her grandmother’s house

(iv) Why is Khoshi very happy today?
(a) She is going to cinema. (b) She is going to Kosompur.
(c) She is going to children’s park. (d) She is going to play.

(v)Why does Khoshi brush her teeth?
(a) to make them sharp (b)to make them large (c) to make them clean (d) to make them soft

(vi) Why does Khoshibecome upset?
(a) because her sister is ill (b) because she is ill (c) because her brother is ill (d) because her friend is ill

(vii) What kind of dress does a girl usually wear?
(a) shirt (b) frock (c) panjabi (d) sari

(viii) Whatshould we drink every day?
(a) cold milk. (b) hot tea (c) worm water (d) pure water

(ix) The mother was going to the village with ──.
(a) Khoshi (b) Rupa (c) grandfather (d) grandmother

(x) What is the colour of the paddy field in the text?
(a) green (b) orange (c) golden (d) silvery

6. Fill in the blanks with the best word from the box. Find the information in the story. There are extra words which you need not use: — 1×5=5

attentivehelpworriedin front beautiful on the way health careful

(a) Our country is very──.
(b) Khoshi is very── about her friend’s illness.
(c) We should be ── of our health.
(d) Many things are seen ── to Kosompur.
(e) We should ── our friends in time of danger.

7. Answer the following questions in a sentence or sentences: — 10

(a) How does Khoshi wake up?
(b) Why is Khoshi happy? Explain in two sentences.
(c) What should you do to keep in good health? Write in two sentences.
(d) Why should you drink pure water? Write two reasons.
(e) Write three things that Khoshi saw on her way to Kosompur.

8. Write at least five sentences about your daily life. The following questions will help you. (Remember to use capital letters, full stop and correct spelling.) 10
(a) When do you get up?
(b) When do you brush your teeth?
(c) Do you take bath every day?
(d) When do you take your food?
(e) When do you go to bed?

9. Imagine you ware Sumon / Sumona. You live at Mirpur at Dhaka. Your friend is Nabil / Nabila. You have visited your grandparents’ house recently. Write a letter to your friendand tell him / her about the visit. [Here are some words to help you: date, address, salutation, main points for the letter, closing. Remember to write at least 6 sentences, use capital letters, and correct spelling.] 10

10. Read the instructions about getting a library card. Then answer the questions: —

How to get a library card
(i) Go to school library.
(ii) Collect the application form and fill it up.
(iii) Submit the form attaching a photo.
(iv) Collect your card and use it when you take books from library.
(v) If lost, inform your school teacher.

(a) Where will you go for a library card?
(b) How does a library card help you?
(c) How can you get a library card?

11. Here is the academic programmes of your school. Write five sentences using the names of the months when you do these activities. January is the first month. 5

Yearly Academic Programmes

MonthProgramme Title
1st monthSchool Admission
3rd monthFirst Term Examination
7th monthSecond Term Examination
9th month
School Picnic
12th month Final Examination

12. Rearrange the words to make sentence. [Make sure you put a capital letter at the start and a full stop or question mark at the end.] 1×5=5

(a) me, you, book, give, can, your
(b) tree,a, under, deer, the, walking, was
(c) to, she, Cox’s Bazar, went
(d) ride, wants, Fahim, to, bicycle,
(e) a, basket, makes, Rupak’s, father

13. Suppose NafiulAlam is a student of class five. His father’s name is FoysalKabir. His mother’s name is DaizyKabir. His birthday is on 23rd February. He wants to be a member of a language club. Now complete the following form by using the above information. 4

LANGUAGE CLUB Membership Form 
(i) Applicant’s name :
(ii) Father’s name :
(iii) Mother’s name :
(iv) Date of birth