SSC English 2nd Paper Question – Dinajpur Board – 2011

English 2nd Paper

Subject Code: 107

Dinajpur Board,2011

Total Marks – 100

Time : 3 hours

PART A : Grammar : 40

  1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in correct tenses. Use negatives where necessary : 1 × 5 = 5
hold tell remove sit educate build suit

A teacher is an architect of a nation. He plays an important role in (a) —— up an educated nation. He (b) —— the darkness of ignorance from the lot of a nation. He is an actor while speaking. He has to (c) —— his act according to the need of his listeners. He is able to (d) —— the attention of his students. He does (e) — motionless before his class.

  1. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions : 1 × 5 = 5

A good student is fond (a) —— books. He is attentive (b) —— his studies. He always tries to cut a good figure (c) —— the examination. He never deviates (d) —— his duties because he knows every success depends (e) —— hard work.

  1. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (´) where an article is not needed : × 10 = 5

Akbar (a) ——Great was one of (b) —— greatest Emperors of India. He was on the one side a great ruler and on the other side a man of (c) —— wisdom. Among all (d) —— Mughal rulers he was (e) —— best. As a result, his name has been written in golden letters in the page of (f) —— history. He was (g) —— uneducated person. But he had (h) —— ability to rule (i) —— kingdom like (j) —— expert ruler.

  1. Complete the following sentences with the phrases or idioms from the list: 1 × 5 = 5
make good part and parcel as if all in all hard and fast well up pick a quarrel

(a) A library is a —— of a school.

(b) Don’t try to —— with others.

(c) There is no —— rule in this case.

(d) He talks —— he knew everything.

(e) The man is —— in English.

  1. Re write the following passage in the reported speech : 5

The man said to the manager, “May I come in, sir?” “Yes, come in. What do you want?” said the manager. “I want to open a bank account in your bank,” said the man, “Can you tell me how I can open a savings account?”

  1. Read the following passage and transform the underlined sentences as directed in the brackets : 1 × 5 = 5

Bangladesh is a small country with a vast population. (a) Very few countries in the world are as populous as it (Comparative). Most of the people here live in the villages. (b) People, who live in the villages are farmers (Simple). (c) The villagers work hard to support themselves (Complex). (d) They are honest and pious (Negative). (e) They should he taken care of (Active).

  1. Add tag questions to the following sentences : 1 × 5 = 5

(a) I am happy, ——?

(b) Birds can’t swim,——?

(c) Nobody believes a liar, ——?

(d) Open the door, ——?

(e) There is a mistake, ——?

  1. Complete the following sentences : 1 × 5 = 5

(a) If I were rich ——.

(b) He worked hard so that ——.

(c) —— when we go to bed.

(d) The old man walks slowly lest——.

(e) Five years have passed since ——.

PART B : Composition : 60

  1. Write a paragraph on “Load Shedding” in about 120 words. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions: 10

(a) What do you mean by load shedding? (b) Why does it happen? (c) What problems does load-shedding create? (d) Who suffer most? (e) What steps should be taken to stop load shedding?

  1. Write a composition in about 250 words on any one of the following topics : 15

(a) Future Plan of Your Life;

(b) Duties of a Student.

  1. Suppose, you are Shahcen, a student of DL School, Jessore. You want to go on a study tour to the Sundarbans, one of the biggest mangrove forests and a world heritage site. Now, write an application to your headmaster on behalf of the students of your class for permission to go on the study tour. 10
  2. Suppose, you are Mitul. Both you and your friend Setu are taking preparation for the SSC Examination. Setu meets you for suggestions. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about your preparation for the exam. 10

Or,  Write down the summary of the following passage. Give a suitable title to it:

Air is an important element in our environment. Clean air is essential for life. But air can be polluted in many ways. One thing that pollutes air is smoke. By inhaling polluted air we become sick. Man makes fire to cook his food. We use fire to make bricks and to burn refuse. In order to melt pitch for road construction we make fire. By burning wood and melting pitch people create more smoke. Railway engines and powerhouses use coal and oil. Coal and oil create smoke when they burn. Mills and factories use not only coal and oil but also many chemicals. Buses, trucks and cars use petrol and diesel. Their engines burn these things to make energy. All kinds of smoke pollute the air. But the most serious air pollution occurs most often in big industrial areas where there are many mills and factories. By preventing air pollution we can be healthier and happier.

  1. Read the following story. It is not complete. Use your imagination and complete it. Give a suitable title to it : 15

There were two friends. They lived in a certain village. They promised that they would help each other at the time of danger. One day they were passing through a deep forest. Suddenly a bear came in front of them ………………………