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Tag: The Life of A Farmer

The Life of A Farmer (Model 5) | Paragraph

The Life of A Farmer ( Model 5)

A farmer is a person who does the work of farming. He leads a very miserable life. He lives from hand to mouth. He cultivates his own or other’s land. He is a hard worker. He gets up early in the morning. Then he goes to the field with tools, two bulls, and plough the …

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The Life of A Farmer (Model 3) | Paragraph

The Life of A Farmer ( Model 3)

A farmer is one, who farms or cultivates the land for agricultural production. In any agricultural country, farmers play a vital role. He may be rich or poor. He works in the field from dawn to dusk. He rises early in the morning and goes to the field to seed, to weed or to harvest. …

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