The Potter and His Son-in-law

Once there was an old potter lived in a village. He, his wife and his only daughter lived in a small hut. The potter was so unhappy to have a such kind of talkative wife that he felt better to stay away from the house in the evening time, especially in the local market for selling his pottery works. His luck was not with him that her daughter got the same habit from her mother.
One day, he met with a young man in the market who had a magical hand in pottery. The old potter invited the young potter at his house to show his skills and also asked him to have a dinner with his family. The young man accepted the warm invitation.
That day, the young man went with the old potter in his house. They started to experiment something new what others could not imagine. Both of them were praising each other for their skills. The old man called his daughter to bring some water to wash their hands. Dramatically, his girl was so beautiful that the young potter could not fell his eyes. After the dinner, the young potter proposed the old potter to marry his daughter. The old man was surprised to hear it but he did not give his concern on it. Unfortunately, the reason was not because the man did not like the young man. The old man told him, ” I like you but my daughter is so talkative. She may ruin your life.” The young man did not listen to him and requested him continuously. At last, the old man gave his consent about the marriage. They gifted three goats in their daughter marriage and the new couple sailed their boat with the three goats to their destination.
The boatman was singing a song, ” Shomoy gele shadon hobe na ( Strike the iron while it is hot ) “. The young man was thinking about the old man speech about his girl and was feeling worried if it became true. Suddenly, one of the goats started bleating and the young was feeling annoyed. He took the goat in his lap and threw it in the water. Everyone in the boat was astonished to get a such kind of behaviour from the young married man. The bride was also afraid to see that. After a time, they reached their home.
One week later, the old man came to see his only daughter. The man got surprised that his daughter was working infront of the house without making any sound. When she saw his father she called his husband and gave him water to wash himself. In the evening, they were taking dinner and his daughter was serving them very politely.
The old man asked his son-in-law how he managed his daughter. His son-in-law told him the story of the goat. The old man was thinking about his wife. The young man gave him a condition before telling the secret of controlling a talkative wife. The son-in-law told him to repair the broken jar infront the old man house and brought some water to him filling it.
The next day, the old man went to his house and took the broken jar to repair it. He called the best mason in his village. Both of them failed to do it. After four days, the old man went to his daughter’s house and said to his son-in-law, ” This jar cannot be repaired because the elements are out-of-date”. His son-in-law gave a small smile and told his father-in-law, ” Relationship cannot be repaired when it broken like this jar. Your wife is too old that you cannot change her nature. You have to live with her the rest of your life.”