Understanding the Sign

A man was so pious that everybody liked him in the village. He believed that Allah ( SWT) would help him in every aspects of his life.

One day, there was cyclone happened near the village. Everyone was afraid of flood that they started to leave the village. The media was also announcing to evacuate the area as soon as possible to avoid the unwanted death. The man was determined that nothing could harm him because Allah was with him. Everyone was asking him to go with them to find a safe place near the village. But he ignored them.

The water level was going up that it reached at his waist in the first day of flooding. A navy boat came and asked him to go with them. He refused their offer gently. His thoughts to Allah ( SWT) were so strong that he was not afraid of it.

In the second day, the situation was getting worse that it reached at his neck. A helicopter came and asked him to climb up the rope ladder. The man was not depressed about the situation because he believed that Allah (SWT) would help him at any cost.

In third, the flood washed him away. And, this is the end.

Feeling bad, right? Why did not Allah ( SWT) help him?

Allah ( SWT) tried to help him. It his bad luck that he could not understand the sign of HIS greatness. HE sent those men, the boat and the helicopter. Alas! the could not understand the sign of HIM.

( Rewritten)