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Your Classroom (Model 1) | Paragraph

Your Classroom (Model 1)

Your Classroom (Model 1)

A classroom is a place where classes are held for teaching students. My classroom is on the seventh floor of our school. It is very spacious and well ventilated. It can accommodate forty students. It has one door and four wide windows. As a result, the room gets sufficient air and light. The room is well electrified with two fans and six energy-saving lights. We use the fans when it is necessary. There are twenty smooth high benches and twenty comfortable low benches for the seating arrangement of the students. There is a raised platform with a fine chair and table for the teachers. A big whiteboard is fixed to the wall. The walls and the ceiling are nicely whitewashed. There is no wall writing. There is a small dustbin in a corner of our classroom. We put the dust in order to keep our classroom neat and clean. We feel comfortable in the classroom.

Word meaning: spacious: প্রশস্ত, ventilated: বায়ু চলাচলের উপযোগী, accommodate: সমন্বয়বিধান করা, sufficient: যথেষ্ট, electrified: বৈদ্যুতিক, raised platform: উঁচু প্ল্যাটফর্ম, dustbin:ময়লা ফেলার স্থান,

Counted Word: 155