Your Classroom (Model 2) | Paragraph

Your Classroom  (Model 2)

Your Classroom (Model 2)

The name of our school is ‘South Point School and College’. It is a two-store eyed building. Our classroom is on the seventh floor of the building. It faces the south. It is a spacious room. It has two doors and eight windows. So, light and air can easily enter the room. The room can accommodate one hundred and twenty students. There are 24 low and high benches in the room. We sit on the low benches and keep our books on the high benches. There is a blackboard in the middle of the north side of the room. There are also a table and a chair there. The teacher sits on the chair and keeps his duster, chalk and other teaching aids on the table. As soon as our teachers discipline in the classroom, we never make a noise in the class. We like our classroom most because it is the best learning place.

Word meaning: spacious: প্রশস্ত, teaching aids: শিক্ষাউপকরণ

Counted Word: 155