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Your School Library (Model 4) | Paragraph

Your School Library (Model 4)

Your School Library (Model 4)

A library is a part and parcel of an educational institution. It may be called the storehouse of knowledge. We have a big library adjacent to the teacher’s common room. It is housed in a spacious room on the first floor. There are about five thousand books in our library. There are a good number of book-shelves and book-cases in the library. We have issued books on cards for a week. These books are issued class wise on cards for a week. These books are issued class wise on different dates. There is also a big reading room attached to the library. It is well-furnished with big and roundtables. A few valuable writings like ‘silence are golden.’ ‘Knowledge is power’ and the like are hanging on the wall. The librarian sits in a corner at a table and maintains strict discipline in the library. We are very proud of our school library.

Word meaning: part and parcel: অপরিহার্য অংশ , storehouse: গুদাম , adjacent: সংলগ্ন , spacious: প্রশস্ত , book-shelves: পুস্তক-রাখিবার আলমারি, book-cases: বই রাখিবার আলমারি, well-furnished: ভালভাবে সজ্জিত, roundtables: গোল টেবিল, silence are golden: , strict: যথাযথ ,

Counted Word: 152