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Your School Magazine (Model 4) | Paragraph

Your School Magazine (Model 4)

Your School Magazine (Model 4)

A school magazine is very important for a school. It is the literary works of the teachers and the students. It helps the students develop the latent talent in them. Generally, it is an annual publication. It is conducted by a magazine committee. The committee consists of members of the teachers and the students. The Headmaster is the chief patron. The Editor, at first, invites writings from the teachers and the students. The interested teachers and students submit poems, short stories, essays, one-act play, riddles, etc. The committee selects the best ones. These are edited and sent to the press. When the new writers see their write-ups in the magazine, they are beside themselves with joy. They become confident of their potentiality. A school magazine has great importance in school life. A student can express his latent talent through it Students can know about their school. In fact, a school magazine is a window to develop the creativity of the teachers and the students.

Word Meaning: latent talent:লুকানো প্রতিভা ,  conducted: পরিচালিত,  committee:কমিটি ,  chief patron:প্রধান পৃষ্ঠপোষক ,  write-ups:লিখন ,  riddles: ধাঁধা,  one-act play: একপর্বের নাটক,  confident: সুনিশ্চিত,  potentiality: সম্ভাবনা,  creativity: সৃজনশীলতা

Counted Words: 164